My good, dear, sweet, friend, Kaela, over at Local Kitchen, was just charitable enough to send me this ‘One Lovely Blog’ award. lovelyblogWhich, needless to say, surprised me greatly, since I’ve only been doing this for a little while. 

Also surprising, that she also sent the award to the very lovely Chookooloonks, which (or who, I guess) I have had a total blog crush on almost since I discovered Google Reader. So to say that I am tickled to be held in such company is just an understatement. Not to mention that the other bloggers she listed are also all wonderful. She’s given me an awful lot to live up to (even if pink roses aren’t really my thing….).

So, if you’ve just arrived from Local Kitchen, and are looking for a lovely blog, welcome, welcome, I will try not to disappoint. 

Part of the deal is that I’m supposed to pay the award forward. Which is frankly sort of intimidating. Kaela hit on many of the bloggers I have actual personal contact with. So I need to come up with 10 bloggers from my blog roll, and frankly, most of them I hold somewhat in awe. And also frankly, there is no way I know of 10…I think my blogroll is only about 12 or so, and Kaela is one of them. 

So, without further ado, here are some blogs which I find lovely, and inspiring, and funny, and which cause me to keep a google reader page up in my browser, just in case someone decides to update! Give them some love.

  • Tea & Cookies – some wonderful recipes (try the austrian garlic soup, it has become one of our favorites), and wonderful pictures and stories from the west coast.
  • Glampyre Knits – Knitting, quilting, sewing, and many inspiring things which have caused me to spend a lot of time considering whether I need more hobbies!
  • Getting Stitched on the Farm – Sheep and many fiber related things. I love the lamb pictures in the spring.
  • Go Knit in Your Hat – Some of the best knitting book reviews I’ve seen, on top of it being a good knitting blog in general. Plus she’s from my area, so extra points!
  • Superhero Journal – Another blog from a creative person doing what she loves. Very inspiring to me as I venture into the land of trying to work on what I love.
  • Well Read Hostess – Another area native, who reads more than I do (I was surprised, honestly), and is so charming and funny about books and her life, it immediately became a favorite.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Addendum: On hearing that Kaela had given me a blog award thingummi, my husband said that he should like to receive it as well. (He is very subtle, neh?) I told him I didn’t think his blog was quite what they were thinking of with lovely, but, on the off chance that some of my readers are interested in programming blogs and Philadelphia .NET code camps and such, you can find it here! It is good to be well rounded and have many interests, right?