…of DNA baby socks.

Curious cat foot included for size comparison.

Note that I had to make it through 2nd, 3rd and 4th sock syndrome to complete these, as these are for a set of twins! It required many episodes of Torchwood. The mother of the twins LOVED them, because they were adorable and geeky – seriously one of the best reactions to a knitted gift ever, she just had pure glee over them, especially the wee little base pair purls I put into the pattern:

zoom in on the base pairs!

The yarn is Crock-o-dye in Sage and Pewter (I think). The pattern is modified from this one, with a DNA top panel designed by me. Stitch pattern forthcoming for those of you geeky enough to want DNA-wear.

I have returned!
And in the spirit of making this blog about more than just my reptilian pets, look here is my first ever hand-knit sock!! (cat added for interest)

That is the Embossed Leaves pattern from this book.
I used Berroco Comfort Socks in Southland. (I think…)

Here it is by itself.

No it is not for a child, yes I have freakishly small feet.