We had our first CSA pick-up today. Last summer we were too busy moving to invest in a share, but this year, since we’ve moved to farm country, I was determined to find a good CSA. We found it at Blooming Glen Farm. Just picking up my share was a hoot – everyone was so friendly. I will have to bring my camera next time so I can properly show you the glories of picking up your produce straight from the farm.

This week’s share included escarole, lettuce, kohlrabi, turnips, swiss chard, kale, spring onions, bok choi, strawberries, and some herbs and edible Johnny Jump Ups.

So dinner tonight was a mixed escarole and lettuce salad, with strawberries, pine nuts and feta cheese. I made a quick balsamic and olive oil dressing, and it was lovely.

Those strawberries have made my husband rethink his dislike of strawberries. They are that much more awesome than your typical grocery store berries. To the point where he asked me if I expected to have any strawberries left to make jams and things, as he stood eating a sizable portion of them. We both have been guiltily munching on them all evening, when we think the other won’t notice. We’ll see if we end up with any jam or sauce or strawberry mead this year. I’m guessing no.