I met some young boys on the train awhile back, and I have to share the exchange, because honestly, it still makes me giggle.
I have to admit, I was not excited to see them when they arrived – there were twin (approximately 6 yo) boys and their grandparents, and there were only 2 more places to sit, in the outer two seats of the 3-seater I had scored for the ride. I’m not quite sure why no one else had sat with me, but I WAS crocheting, so clearly I looked intimidating.

For the first half of the trip they mostly kept to themselves, discussing the adventure they had had during the day. I noticed, however, that more and more often, I would see one or the other of the boys sneaking looks at what I was doing.

“Grandpa, what is she doing?” “She’s knitting.”

While normally I would have made this a teaching moment, and told them about the differences between crocheting and knitting, I let this one go, figuring it wasn’t worth it.

“What’s she making?”

At this point I stepped in – “I’m making a blanket!”

“A nice warm blanket to keep you warm and happy in the winter?” No lie, this is how these two talked – enthusiasm++.

I explained that yes, I wanted a warm blanket, and they discussed my color choices (they liked them) and their feelings on warm blankets (they were both pro-blanket, too).

And then, it happened – one of the boys turned to his grandmother and said “Can you teach us to knit when we get home?” I tried to hold in my triumphant laugh, feeling that I had perhaps planted a seed for these boys to become fiber-addicted artists themselves (or at least make them snobby about knit-goods). Their grandmother seemed a bit non-plussed and admitted that she might be able to show them a little bit about knitting, but “weren’t you going to go dirt-biking when we get home?”

Curses, foiled by dirt-biking!

“Maybe we can learn AFTER dirt-biking!”

Huzzah, hope is not lost!

The train-ride ended soon thereafter, with us going our separate ways – though they both yelled goodbye to me as I walked away, waving as hard as they could. I’d like to think they didn’t forget about their blanket plans – but it was, frankly, the best knitting conversation I’ve had!