Yeah, yeah, I know, I have a bad habit of disappearing in the summertime. But dudes, it is totally worth it, because I have lots of amazing adventures to relate.
I’m saving the best stuff for full length posts, but here are a few mini-posts to slake your thirst:

1 – I have been crocheting like a madwoman!

I actually have hopes that this may someday be finished. Which would be amazing, because I have a very poor track record for finishing large objects like blankets and sweaters. I’m feeling a bit like this might be a bit of a “granny blanket”, but I am telling myself that the amazing color palette makes it the hippest granny blanket ever. (My Nonnie is laughing at me right now somewhere in the ether.)

2 – We went back to the Caymans this summer. And forgot the camera.
Here is the only picture we took, using a cell phone:

The dock from our room.

But its still ridiculously gorgeous there, and we spent the whole time snorkeling, and discovering new things the island had to offer. Including this amazing rum, called Seven Fathoms, which they age in casks on the bottom of the ocean. I would say that this is probably the best sipping rum I have experienced.

3 – We moved to a new big grown-up house! I am not posting pictures yet, though, because it still looks a bit like a tornado blew through. Apparently if you love books, and move from a house with built-ins to one without, you are going to have book storage issues. Who knew?
The best part about the move though, is that I have a room for my creative endeavors, so all my yarn and my easel and such don’t feel so neglected anymore!

More to come, including the cutest train conversation I have ever had, the best way to travel with a birthday cake, and how my mother is a bad influence on my knitting.