My mother and I have a long-time understanding about yarn and fiber related gifts. The understanding is that they are never a bad thing, even if there is delayed gratification. As an example, I gave her one mitten one Christmas, plus the yarn for the other one, which I took back to make the second mitten, which she received the next Christmas, and she did not make any complaints, knowing it was par for the course…knitters are unusually optimistic about how many things they can get done simultaneously. So for Christmas this year, my parents gave me a share in a fiber CSA from Hatchtown Farm. The idea was that after they did their spring shearing, I would get a share of the fleece, in yarn form. So needless to say I was excited when I received an email a few weeks ago from the lovely Pam, telling me that my fiber would be in the mail shortly.

Look at what surprised me at the door this weekend – 9 un-dyed skeins of Coopworth wool in what looks like sport weight!

A whole sheep share...with bonus needles!

AND bonus Joint Venture needles!

Sadly, they won’t be running the CSA next year, but this has been a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend that everyone who loves fiber find themselves a CSA. It was nice to get emails about what was going on at “my” farm, and support what they are doing at Hatchtown! I even had a standing invite to come visit and get my hands dirty, or come watch the shearing. And while it was a bit far for me to go, this was such a nice thing that I’m beginning to look around for a more local CSA to support – maybe even an alpaca farm…