I have spent many years knitting, and fairly actively avoiding crochet (except as a provisional cast-on technique). And then I saw this pattern. I queued it on Ravelry, cooed at it for awhile, and then finally decided it was too beautiful to not own it (with the assumption that some of the more garish vivid colors wouldn’t make the cut in my version). So I emailed my sister (an avid crocheter):

You need to show me how to make this.

She was, of course, charmed by my winning ways, and I showed up to visit my family with these in hand:

Icky splitty yarn and size J hook

After a fair amount of foul language and some beer, she and my mother loaned me some crochet cotton and a smaller hook, and we ended up with this:

My first crocheting!

And while I am knitting several items on deadlines, and some things not on deadlines but which clearly should have priority, I can’t seem to stop.

A whole lot of crocheting

Almost as tall as a crochet hook