Remember this sock?

Disinterested cat isn't interested in why you are taking her picture with a sock.

Now it has a twin!

Only slightly fraternal...

My first ever entire pair of knit socks. Only took me about 3 years – I blame all the babies and Christmases. And the glorious thing is: They fit!

Yes, I have weird tiny feet.

Of course, this does mean that I’m not getting the mystery shawl done, so I’ll be a whole clue behind. I got addicted when I took the sock fishing, because beaded lace is not fishing knitting, but washable socks are (Yes, I actually had a discussion with my husband about what the best knitting to bring fishing was, and yes, I for really real knit on the fishing boat) (we [and by we I mean hubby and his dad] caught a keeper sea bass and a flounder [both of whom were released with a warning]).

Sock Pattern: Embossed Leaves from this book. Yarn: Berroco Comfort Sock in Southland.

Edited to add: The Yarn Harlot is knitting my socks! I know they aren’t really my socks, and so it doesn’t really matter, but…I have a total knit crush on her, just like most other knitters on the planet.