So gardening went fairly well this summer, considering I had a job and could not fuss over it as much as I wanted to. I harvested a small pile of soybeans (they actually were not remotely prolific with flowers and pods), a bunch of pickling cucumbers which became pickles through the magic of vinegar and spices (it really does feel like magic!), 2 tomatoes, lots of rosemary and basil, some catnip, and several small cayenne peppers. So for my first season of attempting a container garden, I felt pretty good about it.
Now that it is cold, the garden has actually become quite the habitat for birds. I didn’t really clean it up at all, after it got cold, so its all spiky with stems and covered with dead leaves.
This morning brought me a bunch of juncos:


Foraging for food in the snowy garden.

I have been feeding them since the “blizzard” last month, and just switched out a bowl of frozen in carbonite seeds (which were very well protected, assuming they survived the freezing process) for a more accessible bowl. This attracted way more birds, and also provided much entertainment for my cats:

Cats hunting

Kitty-cat TV in full swing.

Apologies for the poor quality of the pictures, I was attempting not to spook the hunters or the hunted, and totally forgot to bring my telephoto lens on this backyard safari!