I don’t have any children.

My husband’s cousin is pregnant with her 2nd child. I gave her a baby blanket for the first one, so in order to top that make sure the 2nd one feels equally loved with knit goods, I decided to design and knit a baby kimono. 

I researched patterns, look around at yarns, picked some (Fiesta Baby Boom in Madrid), decided I wanted it to be knit top-down, with raglan sleeves, and in stockinette stitch, since it was a nice variegated yarn. And off I went! 

The only problem?


I don’t actually know how big babies are!

…at least not in the being able to judge how big their clothes need to be. Does this sweater’s shoulders look big enough for a regular sized baby? (I haven’t moved on to arms and body yet…I’m worried about shoulders!)

A venerable model for a youthful design

A venerable model for a youthful design. click to make bigger!


Is there such a thing as a regular sized baby?

My mom believes it is going to be too big, but I think child #1 was a giant…


PS edit: having now seen it on a model, I think it might be big enough. 🙂