Yeah, that’s the ticket! I swear, that is why I haven’t posted in 2 weeks. Scout’s honor.

But, while the sea monkeys were busy arguing over what to do with me, I finished a project! Check it out! I finished my mother-in-law’s Christmas lace scarf (now that it is almost May and she won’t be able to wear it…can’t have everything). The tendonitis ruined my ability to finish it on time, and has continued to plague me just enough that 4 months later, almost to the day, I have finished it!

Happy Holidays! click to make bigger.

Happy Holidays!

This was my first blocking of lace (can’t tell you how much fun the cats thought it looked), and I think it turned out rather nice. Though please pardon the non-color-corrected picture, its actually sort of a pale grey/lavender color, and the couch it is reclining on (cats being poor lace models) is hunter green. Oh, wait, must have been the light coming in from the porthole in the sea monkey ship….that would have made it all weird, sure…..

Now that my cats have rescued me from almost certain doom, I feel certain I can tackle the last bit of my hat-making adventure soon!

The yarn is Art Yarns Silk Mohair Glitter in colorway 124 (very descriptive colorway, I know), the pattern is this one.  I used about 2.3 skeins of yarn to do it, held doubled.

Edit: out of the kindness of her heart (or out of a love of procrastination) Kaela has color corrected the scarf image. This is much closer to the way it actually looks.