So this weekend my husband and I reorganized our office closet. And my husband discovered how much yarn 8 years of knitting accumulates. The refrain of the day was “what is in this bag/box?” “more yarn.”

And he promptly dragged me out to get a double wide hamper to accomodate it. The double wide hamper wasn’t enough. My yarn stash is currently filling the hamper, plus 2 milk crates, and my works-in-progress more than fill one of those 3 drawer tupperware things – the ones that are about 2 feet tall. And from what I understand, from reading other knitting blogs, that actually is not too large of a stash.

So beware, before you pick up needles and yarn and think to yourself “this could be a fun hobby”, you should likely check out storage spaces in your house, and make sure you have enough out of the way storage to hide your yarn in, so your spouse doesn’t discover that you have succumbed to yarn fumes a few too many times and have somehow ended up a raving loony with enough yarn to fill several clothes hampers.

PS: I did discover, though, that I have had lovely taste in yarn for a long time, and pretty much everything in the stash is soft and wonderful in good colors. 🙂