So, I started a Master’s program this fall, and the return to school work has been an interesting one for me.
One unfortunate side effect is way less time for knitting. The other unfortunate side effect is that it doesn’t actually matter that I don’t have time to knit, because between my overly typing/mousing type job, my need to now write long papers and working on my half finished sock I ended up with terrible pain in two of my fingers, and cannot knit for longer than about 20 minutes without aggravating it.
And sadly, I’m not allowed to stop going to work just because my fingers hurt.
Anyone want to teach me to knit continental? My attempts at making the switch on my own have been…comical, let’s say.
Otherwise, any ideas how to recover enough to allow me to return to knitting? The days of knitting for hours on end seem like a wonderful dream anymore.